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      i have a leak at a tee joint(copper piping)looks like a poor solder job.what is the best way to repair i need to cut back all three pipes,install couplings,short pieces of pipe,and a new tee?or is there a better way?

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      I just replace the tee unless I am having a water problem. I use a hacksaw to cut through the tee where it doesn’t cut the pipe. Then I sweat the cut tee off of the pipe. If you have a dry system then there is no problem in resoldering.
      However heat causes moist air to expand and will attract water remaining in the pipe. If you can get two ends of the piping open by opening faucets then you stand a chance.
      If not then I will solder two pipes into the tee and a 6″ or one foot pup. I will then solder a coupling on the one piece of pipe. When you get the pipe and fitting up to temperature try not to increase the heat any more. It won’t hurt to have a compression coupling on hand so that you can get back in service if you do have trouble soldering.

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      a trick to help soldering when ther is moisture in the pipes is to use a piece of white bread without the crust, make balls slightly larger than the opening in the pipes. push a ball into the pipe several inches to act as a stopper for the water. after solder re[pair, turn on the water, open faucets and the bread will be pushed out of the system by the water preasure.
      it works for me.



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