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      Upstairs dormer bedroom has plaster walls, the curved wall appears to have drywall tape that runs from floor to where wall & ceiling meet. Spaced every 12″ or so. Is there an easy way to smooth this surface out, it looks terrible? Should I risk trying to scrape and pull this off or is it holding something together (it’s been painted over a few times I think)?

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      LJ in TX

      I suggest removing the tape and retaping with joint compound. then put joint compound over the top and feather the edges so it blends into the wall on boths sides of tape. redo all that need it. then after sanding and refloating till smooth…reprime and paint…good luck LJ

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      Why would a plaster wall have drywall tape on it?

      Or is the wall not plaster at all, and is just vertical strips of 12″ drywall sections, to make a crude curve? If it’s drywall strips, I can see where it would look terrible. Assuming the curve is not especially tight, you could use thinner drywall; I saw a neat trick on TV recently where they had the drywall over a sawhorse and spritzed the back of it with water to soften it up, and it just slumped right over, perfect for use on their curved wall.

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