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      I have a wet spot on my kitchen ceiling. This is the second one. The first time I called our plumber cause the pipes are in the attic. But he said the pipes weren’t wet, there was no leak. It dried up but left a stain. Plus it had not rained. Now another one appeared. This time called the air cond. company to check if unit is draining correctly. It’s fine and no condensation on the duct work. I looked myself. There’s definitely a wet area on the drywall. The insulation isn’t wet on the top layer, just on the bottom next to the drywall. It is under an elbow joint in the pipes but again the pipes were dry. Where can the moisture/water be coming from? And who should I call, a different plumber, a contractor or what? I’m at a total loss. I can’t believe the pipes would sweat that much
      Help anyone?

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      Paul C

      Try wrapping your pipes and see if it helps. Sure is a cheap way to eliminate one possibility. And I do think it is condensation on the pipe. esp when you mentioned it was near an elbow….
      Good luck!

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      Luke and Mauree Brunson

      We had our ceiling repaired about five months ago. Before it was fixed, we noticed black spots on the ceiling. It was moisture. The contractor went into the attic and he could not tell where the leak was coming from. About a month ago, we placed a toy drawer under the spot coincidentally. Later on we noticed that the drawer was full of water and it was black. When I felt the ceiling where the contractor repaired it, I felt no moisture. It was black though. I don’t know where it came from. My wife suggested that I go on the roof and tape some plastic tarp around the base of the chimney in hopes that it will stop a possible leak. What could this be? Help please.

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