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      Has anyone had this problem? I recently purchased a large amount of Pella products including 3 Architectural Series in swing French doors from my dealer in Berwyn , Pa. I am having a major problem with the doors. Everyone, including workmen, children, older and younger members of my family and myself are constantly tripping over the high piece on the thresholds. Just to tell you a few instances: My grandson stubbed his toe, My daughter-in-law tripped on Saturday while carrying a large china platter of food. The platter broke and she fell face first on the floor. She was stunned and bruised. I even watched my contractor catch his boot on the lip. If I had had a movie camera on Saturday ( the debut of our addition) I would forward you pictures of people tripping. If it weren’t so dangerous it would have been comical. My friend, who is a local builder, mentioned that he just used Pella doors on a house he is finishing in Wayne, Pa. I went to look at his. He has the same doors but with smooth thresholds. These are the ones I want. I was told they were no longer available. My present doors are not acceptable the way they are.

      I have called customer service and complained to my salesman and regional manager. Hope they will help but it sounds doubtful.

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      Generally Pella and Andersen doors are meant to be installed before your flooring. If the doors are installed and then you add flooring your will take away 3/4-1.25″ of the sill height. If the doors are installed in a kitchen with vinyl flooring then the sills stick up and create a tripping hazard. The doors are made to clear your “average” flooring (carpet, hardwood or tile with backer board), and in some cases they will clear a thick welcome mat.

      Did your installers place a board under the door prior to the installation? If so, see if they can remove the board and lower the door by 3/4″.

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      The doors are code complinat and meet the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code for heights of sills above landings on both sides of the doors.

      Only thing that is required is for your family to get used to the new door sill heights…which they will…in time…

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      We had an Anderson french door inswing installed today and are having the same problem. The sill is too high! Everyone is tripping over it. Our salesman’s answer is, “People need to watch where they walk.” My concern is that there will be nonstop injuries and that the threshold will be a constant problem. I definitely want a smoother, flatter threshold but they are saying that the only option is to put in a wheelchair ramp! My question is – can anyone direct me to actual photos of french door thresholds so that I can prove to these guys that there is such a thing as a flat threshold! (like the one they took out with my older french doors!) Thanks!

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