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      Our bathroom was apparently done without using greenboard. The paint has peeled off a number of time and different people have used different primers and paint to fix it, but in no time is starts to peel off again. We suspect that it is because they used drywall instead of greenboard. We would like to know if there is a sealer that can be put over the wallboard and the have it primed and painted, if this would stop the paint from peeling? Maybe even use an eposy? Please let me know what you think should be done. Replacing all of the drywall is a big job so we would like to find an easier alternative.


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      at least 100 cfm possibly stronger depending on the size of your bathroom, vented to the outside, and used whenever moisture producting activities take place and continuing to be ran until the moisture has been vented completely. Opening a window might have helped but is rarely adequate especially for the long hot showers modern teenagers are known for.

      Until the walls have dried out and kept dry, any surface repair wouldn’t work.

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