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      I’m repainting basement walls. Do I need to scrape off the loose waterproof paint before painting or do I need to sandblast the walls down to the blocks. I was told that Drylok and other masonry paint will not stick to old paint. Any infomation would help.

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      Jose olarte

      I am moving into a newly constructed house, I would like to paint the concrete walls of the basement. The basement is very nice with nice natural light from the glass doors that comunicate the basement with the backyard. the basement appeared dry. I plan to acid stain the concrete floor with a terracota color, and to complement I would like to pain the walls with a sandy wellow color with texture to give the room a rustic look (the cealing would remain unfished with ligth fixtures to direct the light away from the cealing). I appreciate any suggestions with this project. Thank you.

      Jose Luis Olarte

      Shaker Heights, OH

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      What type of paint do i use to paint interior stone & mortar walls?

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      The RapidStrip brush does a great job of stripping the old paint of the concrete wall – I discovered it in the power tool section of my favorite toy store. I’m still looking for a good way to refinish the wall. I figure if the paint came off once, it’ll come off again eventually.

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      We recently had a flash flood in our neighborhood and had to tear down all of the drywall in our basement as well as pull up the carpeting. We have been in this house for 15 yrs and never had a water problem. We are a little concerned about re-doing the dry-wall. Is there a paint/waterproofing that we could paint over the concrete block and still have a nice finish to it. Maybe something with a texture to it to cover the block look to the walls? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Bobbie

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