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      It is my turn to ask for assistance. My house is traditional masonry stucco. I had it repainted about two years ago and recently noticed paint peeling in a few places. I got up on my ladder planning to scrape the loose paint and touch up. When I started scraping, the paint started coming off in large flakes. It was then I realized that my painter had not properly prepped the surface. The old surface was chalking significantly, causing the newer coat to fail. (I have no recourse with the painter, as I cannot locate him.) What is the proper way to remove chalking paint? Both the old and more recent coats were latex. Will pressure washing do the trick? I am sure that it will remove the more recently applied coat of paint, but what about the chalking underneath? Do you have any other suggestions for my situation?

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      Sorry about the difficulties you’re having!

      Yes, chalking paint can ruin the adhesion of even top-notch primers, etc.
      * Try the P/W on some of it, to see how easily the paint will come off.
      * Zinsser’s Jomax cleaner is decent for exteriors.
      * Pump-spray the Jomax on the house…from the bottom-up.
      * Usually, bad chalking needs to be scrubbed-off…probably with a long wand, like a car-washing pole.
      * Scrub from bottom-up too!
      * Now you can haul out the pressure-washer!!
      * Don’t have pressure too high (less than 1,000 psi!!), or you’re destroying the substrate; and keep the tip a foor away.
      * Drytime…hmmmm…you’re driving water into wall…probably a WEEK or more!!
      * Rinse from top-down.

      Finally ready for a top-notch primer!!!
      * Buy the best Exterior Latex you can find…C2 Exterior, ACE-Royal, Good-‘ol 123, etc.
      * Same thing with the Topcoats…THE BEST LATEX you can afford. Don’t spend under $20/gal.
      * 2 FULL COATS…nothing less.
      * This may raise some eyebrows, but I’d use a Satin-sheen for the main body. Flats hold dirt too easily, especially on Stucco.

      Good luck Buddy!
      Keep us posted…


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