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      Ruchika Goyal


      The inside glass of my GE Electric range’s oven door has broken. I would really apprecaite it if someone can tell me if its possble to replace it and how can I do it.



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      contact to order and get instructions to repair yourself

      also can order from

      the glass is about 60-70 bucks and you can do yourself, i have done it 3 times for customers in the past

      its not hard but you need to be good with your hands and remember to assemble exactly as you toof it apart only in reverse

      take door off oven. it slides off the hinges

      when door is off you could even just take the door to the local appliance repair center. eliminating the service caharge of house call

      anyways when door is off, lay it on a blanket on ccounter, you need a philips screwdriver and a quarter inch nut driver(like a screwdriver only for nuts)

      disassemble door, you can probally get a applicnace repair manual at libary or at the website above

      take insulation out carefully as your be putting it back in

      make sure you put the new glass with the heat refelctive coating towards the inside of the oven or it will crack on next clean cycle, how do i know this, trail by error of course, i have done it backwardas and had to do it over

      anyways if you get the part and door off and need help. post back here on board i try to remember .

      i aint gettin into details if your just thinking about it, if your serious i will help you more

      its not hard, you need the part a few simple tools, a desire to do it yourself and about an hour time. not physically hard not does it need alot of brain power


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      Dan O.

      ** The inside glass of my GE Electric range’s oven door has broken. is it possble to replace it **

      Yes, usually the inner door glass (or the outer) can be purchased separately. You can read what information is required to get replacement parts for your appliances in the ‘Repair Parts’ section of my site linked below.

      The door will need to be removed from the range and disassembled. The inner and outer door halves are usually just screwed together and the glass held in place by a metal frame and more screws.

      As dp said, if you’d prefer not to attempt it yourself, you could take the door to a local appliance repair shop (along with the appliance’s model and serial number) to save yourself a home service charge. The part to repair it would likely need to be ordered in, which may take some time.

      Dan O.

      The Appliance Information Site


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      the inside glass of my Kenmorre electric range is broken please
      tell me were i can buy one

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