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      I have seen this well head refurbshing several times and wish now that I had video-taped it. We recently pruchased a three acre property and the house is approximately 150 years old. I have done extensive renovations to the yard and garden area and would

      like very much to have an”old-fashioned” well head much the same as the one I saw on your show.

      The show (series) dealt with the renovation of an old family property that included major work to the exterior and interior of the building. As well, a contr

      actor was hired to lanscape the yard including installing an herb garden that would use the refurbished well-head that was found in the barn.

      Would you have a JPEG of that well head or know of a URL that would have one?

      Or, culd you tell me the next t

      ime that show will be aired on WGBH, our local PBS provider?

      Thanks, love the show, I’ve been watching for many years.

      Stephen Boates

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      I am in search of an old fashion well head. I came across Stephen’s message on *******’s website from 5/20/97. Any information available on where to get an old fashion well head?

      Sandy 1/31/03

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