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      Dave Lee

      Hi everyone!! Fantastic Site!!!
      I am presently in the planning stages of installing some steps in my backyard. My problem is determining which way to approach this as it is a very steep grade and I’m trying to make it efficient as well as attractive. I have thought of slate, concrete etc. but i keep coming back to pressure treated wood because it is more economical and would suit my environment better – Lots of trees etc. Does anyone have any basic plans or ideas i can use to get me started as the snow and frost are just around the corner . Safety is the big factor here too as it is very dangerous when wet or icy . Appreciate any help you can provide!! Sincerely yours Dave!!

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      Maybe RR ties or landscape timbers frmaing out an area
      of varying size which could be filled with any suitable material.
      That way the steps can be of different depths as you go up the slope.

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      tim simon

      I am in the processes of puttingmy home on the market. To do so I must install stairs off our back door. Currently there is nothing there per the deck was just removed. Its about 35″ high. What the cheapest easiet way to do this?

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