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      Brenda Deardorff

      I am looking for plans to an outdoor masonry fireplace/grill. I have had no success so far. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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      What you need to look for is a masonary dealer (quarry) who sells marble, stone and brick. They will carry the proper material that you need for this project. You cannot use ordinary brick or stone. They will have the material, various plans and even predesigned kits……….

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      John 2000

      Why don’t you build your own,?? I did, and had great fun in bulding it.
      I’m not sounding off, but I saved money in doing it myself.but I’m in the
      construction business so it was not too hard for me, Im a carpenter
      not a bricklayer.
      “OK” you are not into this sort of thing, “well” the next best thing is
      have a look at some mags/books about houses in Spain, you will have a good
      idea of what you are looking for.
      Have a chat with a bricky (Bricklayer) that lives in your
      area, now I know there must be one some where.
      show him the photo/photos of what you want and for a small fee i’m sure he will
      be only too happy to do it for you.If you are lucky you may find a guy who is over
      65 years old and has stoped working.
      Trick: if you want to render (plaster) the outside of your fireplace, put two layers
      the first layer in normal cement/sand, the other(final coat) you can have in a lighter/
      darker colour ( myself for the final coat I used white cement with red sand, and it looks
      Dont forget it will be a little heavy so get the bricky to put in a good base before you/he starts
      When you have finished your outdoor fireplace and its looking good,
      get the people from next door to come round for bar-be-que.

      Have fun.
      John 2000.

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      I briefly heard about outdoor Link Log fireplaces and would like to know who carries them so I may contact them for more information. Any help would be appreciated.

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      Donn S. Claiborne

      A great book to read if you can find it is, “Sunset’s” Barbeque Book by George A. Anderson. It’s out of print but you can still find one.

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      Nate Hecker

      These easy to assemble units are made by Lesney Concrete in Pittsburgh, Pa. They have a website


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