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      I have a two-year old, Cape Cod style, on-frame modular home (built by local codes, not HUD standards). We found that the home is considered manufactured (trailer) by the bank becuase of the metal chassis underneath. This has caused the appraisal value to decline significantly (by about $15-$20,000).
      We are trying to find if there is anything that we can do to have the home veiwed and valued as a modular (which are veiwed as Stick-built). We would like to remove the metal chassis, if possible and set it on a permanent foundation (possibly a basement), but are unsure if this would change the way they categorize the home.
      Can the metal chassis be removed from the structure? The floor is framed on 2×8’s and it looks as though the metal could simply be un-bolted, but we don’t want to harm the stability of the structure.
      Also, if a foundation/basement would change the view, can a basement be dug with the structure where it is or would we have to move the home and then replace it over the basement?
      Any input would greatly help! Thanks so much.

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      I got a bid from a contractor for my patio. I removed the old concrete and I laid gravel in the area to be poured. He just needs to frame it up. bring in the concrete rebar and finish it. He is using concrete with fibers from the cement plant.

      The area is 190 sq. ft. figuring 4 inches thick of concrete would equal about 2.35 yards.

      He said he would do the job for around $1300.00. Is this price fair?

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