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      I live in an older mobile home it’s a 12×60. There is not much for insulation in here and I would like to change the interior alittle. Now not having much money is one problem the other is U can never find any information on older mobile homes. If anybody knows where U can find any or has any ideas please help! I also think since there are alot of these mobile homes around that Bob should do a show on it!

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      Kathy Ramirez

      I am having a similar problem locating information on how to fix a sagging ceiling in my 1972 24 x 60 home. There is no water damage, but it appears the ceiling framing is not attached to the joists. finding the joists, i think, is the issue at hand. I would rather not start pulling down ceiling panels, (which are no longer sold, by the way…) just to have a look around.

      Any info will be appreciated.


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