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      I have an old double tube 40w fluorescent shop light (one among many) which buzzes quite noisly. It starts with no hesitation, but just is noisy. What is the usual cause of this? Should I be concerned, or just wait till it no longer works? It is only for a plant light in the basement and the noise is not a problem.

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      The magnetic ballasts have a hum or purr even when new, but it’s usually so slight you won’t really notice it.
      But they do tend to get louder as they age. I have one that’s so loud it will drive you nuts after a few minutes. The hum, in my case gets picked up in the metal shroud which amplifies it. What I did, which helped, was to loosen the ballast and put a pump of silicone caulk under it and retighten after the caulk set. I also jammed a few wooden shim wedges between the shroud and the body of the fixture because it would start to vibrate like a big annoying tuning fork. It’s tolerable and I don’t use it that much, it’s still working, and I made that quick fix in 1990.

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