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      I have a dirt driveway and someone recommended I put nit pack on it.. I can’t find any information about it on-line… What is it?

      Feeling stupid… HELP

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      Don’t feel stupid. I’m a registered architect with 30 years of experience and I’ve never heard of it either. There are many colloquialisms used in each area of the continent. Some are true local terms. Many are tradenames or mispronunciations of correct terms such as “awlen gravel” for oil-and-gravel or “conreke” for concrete.

      In your case, it sounds like a slag-clay-sand mix that can be compacted to impede erosion. Find your information source and ask about an installation you can visit (and not their brother-in-laws). Ask the owner about the price, performance, and satisfaction he experienced. The opinion of a customer is worth a thousand promises from a salesman.


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