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      I am in great need of help. I have two walls wallpapered in my bathroom, it was beginning to come off. I started to remove it and found a big mess under it. Mold, nail Holes, Patches and holes from old missing electric boxes that had been papered over. The more paper I removed the bigger the mess. So now the bathroom is partly papered. I have cleaned the mold and patched the holes. I don’t really want to remove any more paper. I was told that there is a paint that can be put on on over paper and will smooth out and cover this mess with out showing any seam lines. It is true and if so does anyone know the name, who makes it and where to get it? Thank you.

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      Tonya Allen

      Hi Linda! Do you have a Homedepot nearby?
      Ralph Lauren has few products which can alter the appearance of wallpaper, such as : glazing (it will soften the appears), then there’s three other products which can tint the wallpaper to look old: tea dying, sun bleaching, etc. However, I would ask the painters in homedepot which products to use . If you are not happy with their answer , speak with the store manager, They are always helpful ! Good-luck!

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      Dan Comunale

      I recently removed wallpaper from my dining room walls. I used a chemical solution to get all the adhesive off I also rinsed them numerous times. I primed them with a latex base.Only to find out that I should have used an oil base prime. I have not yet proceeded with the top coat. Will I have a problem with blistering or cracking in the future. Again I do believe I have removed most if not all of the adhesive. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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