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      I have changed my water mixing valve in 90 seris kenmore washer. It works for 3-5 load of laundry. Now, I see the same problem on my washer that cold water is stop coming in cold cycle. I have no problem with my hot side…Please help.

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      ** 90 series kenmore washer **

      I’m afraid that is not information to identify the appliance in question. What is needed is its exact model number (“90 Series” isn’t it).

      You can find tips for locating the model number identification tag on your appliances in the ‘Repair Parts’ section of my web site linked below.

      ** cold water is stop coming in cold cycle. **

      When? At the very first fill? Or later on in the rinse part of a cycle??

      Dan O.
      The Appliance Information Site

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      the wash is leaking when it’s filling up during the wash or rinse. This my first time doing this.

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