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      Susan Manning

      I have to have a plumber in once a year to unclog my kitchen sink drain for the last three years. The last plumber who arrived while I was at work told my adult son that I needed to use muratic acid to clean the grease from my drain pipe. The house was a repossession by a bank and I don’t pour grease down the drain or in the garbage disposal. I bought some muratic acid but the bottle does not indicate what strength is safe for pvc pipe. Any ideas or suggestions for this procedure would be greatly appreciated.

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      Alot of off the counter de cloggers specify if for metal or pvc. Things for metal are not for pvc and things for pvc are not suited for metal.

      Personally, I would not use muratic acid in any drain, but…..

      If you have to have this done every three years, then there is something more involved. Say, tree roots in your underground or under home pipes. You need to call a plumber with the capabilities to send a mini camera down your pipes and watch the line on a monitor as the camera passes the entire system.

      This muratic acid in an accumulative state could have eroded the pipe under the ground and caused it to burst and tree roots and dirt has filled in.

      Call a new plumber from the yellow pages that is a big company and have it re examined.

      I just went through a total pipe refit and I have a home on a slab. This was expensive and tore up my lawn all over.

      Good Luck

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      i filtered my potpourri warmer before i rinsed it out….but i think i have candle wax residue in my disposal….awful mess and won’t drain. what shall i do??/ besides send a lot of hot water down there? thanks for your response.

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      pk plumbing

      i would not use this and if it is only your kitch sink it is prob. soap build up and or grease you can buy a chemical from home depot called drain care read directions it will help.try running hot watter after you use soap every time to rinse the line. hope this helps .it is not tree roots if it is just your kitch .

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