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      Got a 10×10 concrete pad in front of house entry way,one end has sunk about 4 in.If i dig underneath both sides could i jack it up with 2 hydraulic jacks or would it break. Slab is 3 in. thick,i dont think it has any rebar in it.I heard about mudjacking,whats the deal on that.

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      You might be able to tip the slab up, but it is difficult to brace it and get it to stay up. And you are right; it may crack.

      Mudjacking is a better way, but it must be done by a pro with the proper equipment. Basically, it is pumping concrete mix under the slab and forcing it up in place. This applies a fairly uniform pressure that should not harm the slab, and when the pumped mud cures, it will stay in place.

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      doug seibert


      “…….Projects are priced either by square foot, or priced by how much material is going to be used. Prices vary by geography and usually range from about $2.50 to $6.50 per square foot.”

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