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      I live on Long Island in New York and have a fairly
      wooded back yard.I’ve tried different methods to control
      the mosquito problem ,but they still win every summer.
      Any hints or insight would be helpful and appreciated.


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      Rick Huitema

      Only solution………move……hehehe

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      David Masher

      Malathyon, if you don’t have kids or pets.
      BTI, a bacteria you can put in standing water
      very safe. Napalm if you can get your
      hands on it:-)

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      Steve Guluk

      Actually there is a new bug zapper that is designed for Mosquitos. The current ones only attract light seeking insects, of which mosquitos share no relationship. Mosquitos are infra red heat seeking bugs so the low heat producing lights in traditional bug

      zappers have little effect.
      Actually they distroy far to many good bugs and are a waste of money. Sorry I can not give you the name of the company that produces the new infra red mosquitos killers but they should be found more frequently as the compan

      y does its marketing. If you find them let me know because I need one also. I heard the article on NPR a couple months ago so it is a brand new product.

      Then again napalm is a good tip also 🙂

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      Stuart Carwile

      Go to http://www.epar-mosquitoe.com. New infrared
      product developed with assistance of NASA

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      Ed Gilson

      Vicks Vapor Rub. Put a little on your neck and on your legs and forget about getting bit. Try diluting it and spraying around your yard. It won’t kill them but they can’t get out of your yard fast enough.

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