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      We recently purchased a lake cottage that was built in 1945. The previous owner had replaced the roof two years ago and most recently had put in all new ceilings, drywall, and flooring. Basically the cottage had been gutted and completely remodeled. At the time I thought that was wonderful but now I am suspecting that water damage was the real reason for the remodel and that possibly mold is still in the home somewhere. I have never “seen” any mold but when we visit on weekends I get itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, a cough, etc. My kids show similar symptoms. This could be happening also because of different plant life in the area or from window air conditioners running all night long. I also have not noticed a smell…pretty much the cottage smells like new wood (they did lots of knotty pine accents and cabinets). Would the gutting of the home gotten rid of the mold? I know that there is limited moisture now….so how would mold still grow? Is there a way for me to check for mold myself? Any help will be appreciated!

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      Unregistered-unregistered Dan

      I’d have a waterproofing company have a glance at your cottage for black mold. If it’s just the environment then I would suggest maybe getting a Humidex system for the cottage. This is a controlled ventilation system that will expel moisture,musty odors, and air allergens. Quite possible all you need is a good air exchange in the cottage. This system quiet and energy efficent over dehumidifers and never needs to be cleaned of filter or buckets. it’s installed into the cottage and has a duct like a dryer. Any questions please feel free to contact me dholmes@robisonoil.com . Good luck

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      Dan made some very valid points and yes
      mold could be a problem especially if the renovation of the cottage was to hide a possible selling problem. Now another point to be made is the possibility of off gassing by the products used in the renovation. A lot of the new products on the market for renovations have High Volatile Compound Levels called VOC’s. due to manufacturing and therefore can come straight from the factory being somewhat mildly Toxic. This can cause irritation to the Nose, and throat and in worst case scenarios respiratory problems. When buildings are renovated often their ability to ” breathe ” is hindered by the use of airtight construction thus not allowing the structure to gas-off the fumes of manufacturing and painting.

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