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      I have a tenant that showed me what looks like mold in the bowl of her toilet from the rim to the water line. She will clean it with bleach and it goes away and she has used stuff so it wont come back but it still does .She cleans every week so it doesn’t get out of hand. I tore up floors in may and cleaned with bleech to get rid of mold from a leaky ring and put new cementboard and ceramic tile down. they said this started about two monts ago ..How about putting a gallon of bleech in dry tank and then flushing ..would that work to kill it or just replace toilet? Thanks guys

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      doug seibert

      Question: Why does a ring of pinkish mold form at the water line of my toilets?

      A: The rim of the toilet bowl needs to be disinfected. A ring of mold in a toilet bowl is often caused by the organisms that normally reside in the sewer; they can get to the house side of the toilet trap. They take up residence inside the rim of a toilet bowl (as well as the sink and tub overflows). The problem most often occurs during hot and humid weather. The SOLUTION is to pour several cups of household bleach into the overflow pipe of the flush valve inside the tank. This will disinfect the rim of the bowl. And you should probably disinfect the overflow drains in the wash basin and bathtub with bleach also. If the problem persists, you will have to wash down the entire bathroom in order to disinfect the whole room.

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