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      I pick up this motor & compressor ( no tank) at a garage sale fpr very little . It has no spray gun w/t but pump air , How did this work w/o a tank & were did the air go when the trigger was not being pulled to spray paint??

      I was goignt o try & use it w/ a cheap HVLP gun from local hardware store to ttry & spray stains & ploy clear coats ??? Can this work or do I need to just buy a real compressor ??/ any hlep out there ??? Thx Todd

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      sounds like the compressor that i have. it was designed as a paint sprayer without a tank, is will pump about 80 psi but low volumn of air. there is a relief valve that releases the pressure when the sprayer of other attachment is not allowing the air to escape, makes a pop pop popp ing sound when the valve opens and closesi would assume it would work with the hvlp gun, but not sure. i use mine for running a 16 and 18 gauge nailers.

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      i have a couple of these.the air comes out of the spray gun nozzle. then when you press the trigger it siphons the paint from the gun.the relief valve only pops if the nozzle gets clogged and will not allow air to escape.

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      i have an old craftsman compressor–motor and pump, no tank–model no. 283 1842. can anyone tell me when it was made or give me any information on it? i would like to see a catalogue picture if possible. thanks

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