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      I had a microwave installed that is supposed to be vented to the outside of my home. Everytime we get a good rain, I get water inside the microwave (it usually fills in the turntable.) I’m sure this is a problem. A few months ago the turntable stopped working. This week, the microwave shut down altogether. I’m not sure what to do. Any ideas? (P.S. It didn’t trip the circuit breaker)

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      LJ in TX

      a bad installation…and make them correct it as well as get your microwave fixed. why does it require venting out of the home? must not be a conventional microwave ,,,they usually just vent into the room. LJ

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      I agree with LJ who as usual, really pegged this one. Outside vents need a rain cover and damper. If these were not installed the installation is faulty. If the microwave has been subjected to repeated inundation I would not hold out much hope.

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