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      Ha nk Schmidt

      I just had some windows replaced. I have some quarter round to stain and finish.
      How can I match up to stain that I wish to use to get about
      the same color of the present wood work? I don’t know the name of the color on the old woodwork. I will be staining and
      finishing Oak. The present wood work is Oak, and is of about a medium
      to light oak finish. What porduct can I use to do a one step or two step

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      Paul C

      Take part of your old window to a paint and stain center. They can help you match it.
      Then purchase a small amount of stain and test it on a piece of scrap wood.

      Use a seperate stain and varnish for best results

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      Gary Blackman

      I get really good results by using mineral sprits 1/2 pint with 1 tea spoon of roofing tar. mix well spread it on just like stain let dry, rub it doem a little with soft cloth then use minwax golden oak on top of this mixture. A little exprr will get you great results

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