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      The level is blue metal, 8-1/2 inches horizontal,1-3/4 inches vertical, 3/4 inch thick at the top. It has three glass tubes: horizontal, vertical and 45 degrees. It is imprinted with white lettering: Checkpoint 8-80; made in USA, and the name Webb encircled with an oval. On the top of the level is a black label that measures 22cm x 16cm. It is imprinted with a danger warning and the name and address of the laser manufacturer: Lyte Optronics, Inc., 3015 Main St, #450, Santa Monica CA 90405. Tel: 310-450-8551(not in service). The label is imprinted with serial number 399093.
      I spoke with the company in Arizona that bought the gunsight division from Lyte Optronics. They say they have no way to repair the level since they bought only the gunsight division. Lyte Optronics apparently is out of business. I hope you know of a laser manufacturer that can rejuvenate this tool. I have no idea when or where it was purchased originally.
      Thanks for you efforts.

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      Good luck with your search. New laser torpedo levels are commonly available for under $40 to $60. Finding parts for a product made by a company no longer in business is unlikely, although you may find someone willing to sell their used level.

      I wish you the best of luck, but if you need to get back to work, just buy a new one. Tools for a lifetime are unfortunately rare any more.

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