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      T. Cairns

      i have a lipstick stain on my new suade jacket, how can i remove this stain myself, without sending it to the drycleaners. T. Cairns

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      There is a product that I can only find at the dollar store it is called AWSOME it takes everything out. But I’m not sure about the suade though. I’m sure it takes out lipstick. You might do a test spot in a hidden place before you use it on the outside of the coat. You can get it at the dollar store for a dollar! It says to dilute it but I find it works best just the way it is. It takes out ink, lipstick, grass, pet stains on carpet. Give it a try (on the inside).

      Kim Wolf

      Phoenix, AZ

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      I have lipstick stain on my wall. What should I use to take it out? Do I need to repaint at all?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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