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      Dave Grimm

      Howdy. We just removed three layers of ghastly linoleum from the hardwood floors in our new house, but the adhesive remains. We’re about to sand and refinish the floors, and I’m wondering if the old glue is going to cause me problems while sanding. If so, what should I do to get it up?

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      I had the same problem. After speaking to several professionals, they all told me the same thing. Sanding the floors wil not ensure the removal of the adhesive. Use an adhesive remover. This is a very strong chemical. Apply the chemical with a roller and let it sit for approx
      45 minutes. Leave the room due to the fumes.
      Also, leave a couple of windows opened.
      You then scrap up as much as possible. If you need to repeat the process, do so. You do not have to remove it all.
      You are now ready to sandy the floor.
      Good Luck!

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      Man with a floor

      I’ve hit this same issue on my new/old house. Great hardwood (oak) floors with nasty glue all over them. Found an article on it:

      They say to start with water – but I’m thinkin that will warp my hardwood. And using vinegar or high-strength citrus decreasing solvents. Maybe trying hot iron or cold ice, then using a chemical like Isopropyl alcohol, paint thinner, xylol, lacquer thinner, or paint stripper.

      Any of this stuff work? Will it damage my hardwood? What brands of sovents have anyone used that worked well? Thanks all.

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