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      Hi all,
      When I flip my light switch its making a sizzle sound and the lights are starting to blink in the wall -the wiring is approx 18 years old-and that lighting was probably put in about 15 years ago—just now I checked it and the light isnt coming on at all)-and I have taken the bulbs out so that nobody messes with it till I know what to do with it. (I dont know if it could start a fire or not?) -I’m not seeing any sparks -the breaker is not tripping, and the outlet didnt pop. –it may take me a little time to get
      this fixed, so long as its not a fire hazard (?) Any thoughts appreciated–

      Thanks for your time-Karen

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      I would start bt replacing th elightswitch. you could probabaly do it yourself. If it still crackles, call an elctrician.

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      all it needs is a new switch.
      no big deal.

      could also be a loose connection at the switch.

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