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      My Lennox G1403 Furnace quit this weekend. During the diagnostic, the heat exchanger was pressure tested and failed miserable. This furnace has a “lifetime” warrantee to the original owner; however, I am the second owner and so the warrantee is only good for 20 years from date of installation – I missed the 20-year period by 4 months.

      Back in 1999 I had this furnace pressure tested as part of the heat Lennox recall for this heat exchanger, it passed but not by much so it was NOT replaced. This weekend the repairman said the particular heat exchanger is no longer made so the whole furnace needs to be replaced and I get with the repair bill.

      Is that correct?
      Is there a different heat exchanger possibly made by a different company that will work?

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      were you with him when he ran the co test?
      you might want to get a second opinion.also if the furnace is that old you would be better off changing out the whole thing.
      i take it you are without heat right now?if the exchanger is cracked it should be red tagged.

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      Unregistered-John Boy

      Dear Pretzelkids

      The furnace that you mentioned is a Lennox
      G14 Series also known as a “Pulse Furnace”.
      Lennox Industries has stopped making the furnace and the heat exchangers for these furnaces. Lennox had offered a “Lifetime Warranty” on the heat exchanger of furnace, they have changed their stance for the second and subsequent owners to 20 years. There’s no mention of 20 years for other owners in the original warranty sheet (that came with the G14 furnace)Lennox just changed their policy in the last few years.

      Yes, the repairman is correct. Perhaps the repairman could talk to the Lennox regoinal manager about your warranty situaition (Missing out by 4 months) and giving you new furnace for free. You could run that pass the repairman. Other than that, you are stuck with the full bill for the furnace replacement.

      John Boy

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      Unregistered-paul lennox

      lennox does stand behind the warranty.they will give you a g51 it is high eff. you have to pay for any labor costs involved

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