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      One of my outside (old stem type faucet) is leaking. I
      know that I should replace the washer. I romoved the
      handle and the bonnet stem, but can not remove the
      valve stem. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to
      free it without breaking the water pipe?

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      sam benson

      Dear Bob, we own a house that was built in 82 and the tub has a moen single pull faucet that has begun to leak like crazy how do i fix it ,sam

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      E.A. Merriman

      How do you fix a leaking washerless, single-handle kitchen faucet (Delta 174 “waterfall” style.)

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      berge nayir

      detached two storey house. when the second floor bathtub is used water is leaking onto the basement ceiling as it clings on to the outside of the drain pipe and leaves it as the drain pipe makes a 90degree turn at the basement ceiling. when the sink in the same second floor bathroom is used, there are no leaks. when the main floor laundry room is used, there are no leaks. what’s strange is they are all on the same drain line. how is it that only using the bathtub causes a leak and nothing else?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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