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      John Poaps

      I am so frustrated with a bay window roof that is leaking. It is a flat roof about 7 feet by 3 feet. Just above the bay window is our bedroom window. I have used caulking around the exterior of the window frame thinking the rain was coiming from there. But is still leaks. There are 2 valleys that may be the culprit. I need some pointers on how to stop this once anf for all. I have used gallons of roofing cement and that is not helping.

      Please help, John

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      Moderator, Steve

      a flat roof using comp shingles must be rolled roof. Flashing is the key to the butt to the house. Step flashing. Butyl Rubber caulk is the caulk of choice. I do wish that you could construct some sort of fall for the roof. Flat roofs inheritely leak.


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      John Wesselmann


      STOPAQ AMCORR makes a family of products that have been very successful in solving many roof leaks. Sloped and flat roofs alike. The product that I would recommend is called EZ WRAP. It comes in 2″ or 4″ wide rolls that are 33 feet in length. The product does not need any adhesive and can be applied in temperatures ranging 15 – 176 degrees F. It works wonders as a sealant around windows, as a sealant over flashing, or in place of flashing. It is UV stable, non-hazardous and is a permanent repair.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at john@stopaqamcorr.com

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