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      We are currently working on fixing up a very old house (over 100 years). The stove in the kitchen is on a peninsula. Unfortunately there is no vent for the stove (and until we can afford a new self-venting stove – we have an electric one). On the ceiling above the stove there is a circle approximately 2 ft in diameter where the paint is a little bit bubbled and cracked from steam/heat. We have a ceiling fan that now works in the kitchen to help alleviate this problem. My question is, what can we paint in that area to prevent this from happening again. I don’t want a super-glossy patch or ceiling. We currently have eggshell paint for the room, but will consider other options if necessary. Any help would be appreciated.


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      if the ceiling is drywall the moisture might have damaged it. remove the old loose paint and prime the drywall.

      if wood your steam problem has been solved so clean off the loose paint and repaint.

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