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      I’ve heard that kero sun heaters have been found to cause problems for pregnant ladies that use them. As in it causes problems with the babies whether it be learning problems or what. I’ve searched the net for this and can’t find anything. Could you give me a little more insight as to exactly what is so bad about Kero Sun floor heaters?


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      Jim -ATS

      Given the general toxicity of handling flamable liquids, let alone their potential for toxic outgasses, I would assume this is a major part of the issue, not counting the possiblity of contact burns and the like.

      Like you, I didn’t find anything specifically regarding these heaters, but those are my first impressions. You may find an electric space heater (like the ceramic heaters) to be a safer alternative.

      Good luck in your search…

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      Steve Josephson

      Its a nice heater, but one year Joe Clark and I took it up to our Deer Comp, and after eating several quarts of Venison Chili, and drinking a couple of cases of Gobel Beer, the combination of our Farting and the kerosene from the heater created a phosgene gas, it pert near killed Joe, and my eyes watered for a bloody week. Is it supposed to do that?

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