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      model 110.91550100
      Fills, drains, motor runs.

      Will not agitate or spin.


      appliance repair tips

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      ** [Kenmore Washer] model 110.91550100 **

      That is a Whirlpool built ‘direct dive’ (beltless) washer design.

      ** Will not agitate or spin. Fills, drains, motor runs. **

      On Whirlpool’s direct drive washer design, if the motor is running but the unit is not agitating OR spinning, it sounds like the motor coupler has broken and needs to be replaced.

      Whirlpool Motor Coupler
      LINK >

      Changing a Motor Coupling
      LINK >


      Dan O.
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      Take the motor out of the m/c and you will see the broken Three finger like object(white hard plastic in colour) with a black rubber ring dounut like. You can get a replacement called “coupling” that sits between the transmission and motor. Cost $19.00 CDN.
      Good luck

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      whirlpool washer and kenmore washers are the same. on these washers it will not spin if the lid switch is out. to check out the lid switch unplug machine.use a scraper or screwdriver between the lid and the bottom of the washer about 1 1/2inches from both corners of the top. push toward back of machine. you take the two wires off the switch and tape them together.try it to see if it spins then get a new switch. if it still don’t work there maybe a wire on the clutch which is inside the bottom back of the is a black switch with 4 wires

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