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      Steven V.

      Looking for a service manual to repair and F1 error on display.

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      Dan O.

      ** kenmore elite gas stove – Looking for a service manual **

      The only place you’re likely to get a service manual for a “Kenmore” branded product is from S ears (if one’s even available – I wouldn’t hold my breath) and you’ll need to supply the model number off the range to find out as they’re not all the same. You’ll also need the appliance’s model number to get any replacement parts which might be needed.

      You can find tips for locating the model and serial number tag *on your appliances* in the ‘Repair Parts’ section of my site linked below. You can see what service manuals are available for various makes and designs of major home appliances in the ‘Home Service’ section of that same site.

      ** to repair and F1 error on display **

      An F-1 error code on most makes or ranges/ovens usually indicates a problem in the electronic control.

      Dan O.


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