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      The Dryer is not drying the clothes but it is spinning like it’s supposed too. The Model number is 72822100 and the Serial Number is ML1803895. can anyone give me some insight on how to fix this problem?

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      ** [Kenmore 80 Series dryer model 110.72822100] is not drying the clothes but it is spinning like it’s supposed too. **

      That model was built by Whirlpool for Sears.

      In a GAS dryer like your model is, the first thing that usually needs to be done is seeing if the gas burner’s ignitor is glowing when the dryer is calling for heat. Unfortunately, that can be difficult on a dryer model without a lower front access panel to observe operation of the burner like yours appears to be. Some models might have a small peephole below the door where such an observation can be made after removing a ‘filler’ plug covering the hole.

      If the ignitor WAS glowing, it should rule out a problem in the control system and point to a failure is some component of the gas burner assembly which would than require further testing.

      If the ignitor was NOT even glowing, a problem in it or the control system would be possibilities which would need further investigation.

      If interested, the service manual at the following link should cover most common repairs to that make of dryer.

      – Whirlpool/Kenmore Gas/Electric Dryer Repair Manual
      LINK >


      Dan O.
      The Appliance Information Site

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