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      Help! I’ve got some older type lever aluminum jalousie windows. I’m faced with two(2) types of problems: (a) the two(2) rivets that hold the lever to the window have broken off leaving two(2) holes and (b) the rivet that goes in the middle of the lever (the one that provides the lever action) is broken off. My main problem is how to fix the rivet that goes in the middle of the lever. I can’t use an ordinary screw and nut because it eventually unscrews itself. Any body got any ideas? Thanks much.

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      Joanne Conrady

      I hope you can help me. We are looking for a distributor of Jalousie Windows. We live in Lake Villa, Illinois (about 40 miles from Chicago, Ill). I’ve found suppliers, but they are located on the east and west coast and do not provide service outside their areas.

      Do you know who we can contact?

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      robert card

      I am considering jousie’s to enclose a screened porch…question, will heavy rains leak through the closed sections?

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      Ginny Grauel

      Where do you get jalousie window pane replacements? grauelg@brynmawrschool.org

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