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      Looking for some input with this project.
      My farther in law is installing a four season room and in the process is having his contractor remove about 900 sq ft of ipe deck board that was installed about 2 years ago. He is going to be giving me the ipe wood to resurface my pressure treated deck (approx 800 sq ft). I consider myself very handy and am going to be reinstalling ipe myself. After spending some time online I think I will be going w/ the Ipe Clip system and sealing the ends that I have to cut w/ anchor sealer. Some of the questions I have now well planing this are:
      1) I have about 6 inches of ground clearance (soil) on my deck…will this create an issue w/ the Ipe?
      2) I want to do this on the cheap…can the contractor removing the ipe save the clips for me to reuse?
      3) We have a simple bench on our current deck layout that I want to redo w/ the Ipe….can the Ipe be used for a structural member for the bench?

      I know that I will have level the deck some due to some setting since the people that built it did a poor job…not sure what shape the framing is in until I open it up.

      Again I want to do this on the cheap but do it correctly so please share any tips or recommendations.
      Thanks in advance!


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      I would think that the careful removal of the decking and salvaging of installation clips would greatly increase the cost to your father, as disassembly will be much slower and require significantly more labor, for which he will be charged by the contractor. Have you considered salvaging the decking yourself and save him some of the expense?

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