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      Leon R.

      What would be the best and most cost efficient way to insulate walls in a condo? Have very nasty drafts from all electricial outlets, ceiling lights and windows even with winter wrap over windows both inside and outside. All work must be done from inside. Blown in may not be possible due to seperation of basement between my unit and upstairs unit plus basement ceilings enclosed. Bathroom and kitchen over other basement. Have insulated around all windows with foam and fiber but still leaks.

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      Leon, I’m not clear on your statement about why
      blown-in insulation may not be possible.

      Instead of attacking the points where you feel
      air infiltrating (as most people do), you need to
      stop if from exfiltrating i.e. you will
      have to treat your ceiling as if it were the roof
      and air-seal that boundry. When this is done, the
      infiltration will stop. The main problem here is
      not having access to the whole structure (i.e.
      the upstairs unit). Dense packing the walls and
      ceiling with cellulose may be the only practical
      way. This done, you will probably need to add some
      ventilation, and if your basement is damp, it
      must be dried out or you will have humidity

      Please give this carefull consideration if you have
      any combustion appliances. If you were to
      succeed in sealing every infiltration point, unlikly
      as that may be, your part of the building would become
      depressurized (due to the continued exfiltration to
      the unit above) which could cause backdrafting or
      spillage of combustion products (eg. CO) in to your
      unit. You might want to contact a weatherization
      contractor (not an insulation contractor).

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      Leon R.

      When my condo was built, the contractor cut corners and left a lot of openings where one can not see. The unit over mine has a balcony over my kitchen windows. When it rains, water drips down one window. That is one opening. In front, there is a small roof over a 100 foot long porch, but am unable to check if there are any openings. Maintenance Supervisor said one long time owner stated that holes were punched through walls and then covered up before anyone saw. The worse part is that my unit is an end unit and between doorways both front and rear,leading to upstairs units. As all units here have Electric Forced Air Heating/Air Conditioning, I installed a Pellet Stove in my kitchen last year to cut my HIGH electric bill. Went from $285 a month for my first winter bill, down to $86 in one month. Would cellulose still be good??? Thank You!!!!!

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