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      Joanne MacIntyre

      I was wondering what different kinds of insulation are available for a home. I live in a cold northern climate where it is also damp. Which one has the greatest R value? Your help would be appreciated.

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      Rick H

      Although there are many types and brands of insulations,
      rigid insulation will give you the best r-value per inch/mm.
      However, for flexibility a batt insulation is your way to go. I also
      feel that staying away from a fibreglass insulation is not a bad move either.
      Roxul™ uses fibre strands of rock which provide similar r-value, with no itch, something
      you’ll appreciate later on.
      Just a few points…….

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      Eddie Hickson

      i recieved some styrofoam vent channel insulation with my R-19 and R-38 insulation i would like to know what’s the styrofoam ventchannel insulation should be used for?

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