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      Robert Wilks


      I am looking for old catalogs and plans for sears houses….I think the house I am living in is a sears house and I want to find out
      if it true…thank you for your help

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      William Provost

      I live in a Sears house(for sure). I am also interested in finding catalogs etc. where my home appears. If you have any success in your search, I would appreciate any assistance you may lend. Thanks

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      John Smith

      I have purchased a house in Crystal Lake that
      was built in 1932. It is a Sears Catalog house.
      We also know Mr. Roebuck lived in Crystal lake.
      We would like any information we can get
      regarding blue prints,are there more houses in
      crystal lake il. Please do not post a follow up
      E-Mail would be of choice.

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      Sandra Marr

      Check out They sell the “Sears, Roebuck Catalog of Houses,1926”. It’s published by Dover.

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      Jon Getman

      I am a contractor that is interested in finding the old plans for Sears homes. If you have any information please let me know, I would highly appreciate it. These homes interest me because I plan on building a home such as these, and would like to see their variety of layouts.

      Thank you for your time

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      Craig W. Saitto

      Hello Robert,
      I am sorry to say that I have no real info for you, however, I too am looking for info on sears homes.In our family is a fairly large mountain summer home which was purchased from sears.The date on the kitchen wall of the place is May 22,1909. I can send you a picture if you’d like.
      Craig W. Saitto

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      Kathryn Rickles

      We own a Sear’s House circa 1918 on Cape Cod. We are planning to take it down to build a new house and want to look into selling it to an interested party. If anyone has info on what it would be worth please email me.


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      Allen Melton

      I recently purchased a sears house. I would love to talk with someone else who has the same model. The house is a seven room colonial called The Hawthorne. I understand my house appeared in the 1931,1932, and 1933 catalogs only. It’s been very hard to find anyone who knows where another was built.

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      L Lewis

      I am looking at a house to buy here and I was told it was a Sears, Roebuck built in 1920. It is two story, two large rooms down and two upstairs. Wooden floors and a fireplace in each downstairs rooms. There is a hallway beside the stairs that lead back to another room and a kitchen. The floors are wooden, solid, and it has about 9 foot ceilings. It had tin roof, a porch across the front with four columns and scrolly ornamental things at the top. There is two windows in each room on each side of the front door. the upstairs levels has five windows spaced across the front. At the top of the stairway landing is an atic door looking over the lean too part. The stairway railing is beautiful and the stairs solid. It sorta looks like a Hamilton or Puritan but their are no dormer windows and the roof is tin. The chimneys are not on the out side. THERE ARE NO WINDOWS ON THE ENDS where the chimneys are either. the rooms are really big and square with no closets. I have to option to purchace this house and move my business there too. I am being bought out by the state and I need a home but being a single Mom with not much to invest I need answers now. It does have plaster and clapboard siding. It need lots of repairs to live in. like insulation, water lines repaired and hooked to sewer lines. It has a small bathroom needing lots of repairs which may not have been a part of the original plan. Can anyone help here on my situation would help. I live in a very depressed area in Ky. but would like to keep history alive in my community. Plus I would like to own this house. I cannot find any pics of this house in any of the above mentioned wesites. How can you find out what these houses are worth? I would like the idea of a museum or some historical aspect to preserve this old house but don’t know how to go about that either. Our town is very historical in pioneers that came to Ky. befor the Revolution. thanks for any help in advance my email is so you may write me any infor or help you have. thanks again.

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      carole greseth

      how do find out what the house is worth?

      and if it is authentic

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      You may find these sites helpful:

      We have restored a Kit home on a past project for Home so we are not looking for a second one at this time.
      You can use our restoration to help you with yours.

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