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      I have a concrete floor in my basement. I have indoor outdoor carpet that I want to install over the concrete by myself . I need info on hoe to seam it and attach it to the perimeter of the walls. I am not putting down padding I was told it was not needed and the basement will be used for a future retail business. Also do I have to rent a stretcher, and a seaming machine. Thank you!

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      Chet, depending on the type of indoor/outdoor you have, you wouldn’t necessarily seam with heat tape, nor would you stretch it in; many of these floor coverings would be glued direct. Also, if you are not using a pad, you do not stretch in a carpet; it would be glued down.

      Post back with some further detail on the carpeting for the appropriate installation/seaming methods; particularly whether the backing is a woven, scrim, or other type, and the type of surface yarn.

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      Kathy Castaldo

      What type of adhesive would I use when installing outdoor carpeting over a concrete porch which will utimately be exposed to weather?

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      Bob Stahl

      I need one (1) square of light brown carpet to install on the center console of my truck so my dog doesn’t slip and fall all the time. Who carries such thing? Home Depot doesn’t.



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