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      I want to paint and antique my ikea bedroom furniture which is pressboard fake wood. Can I do this? Any suggestions?


      Linda :0)

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      LJ in TX

      but I suppose with the proper surface prep. it may work. another words the surface must be rough enough to make the new paint stick. sanding with a fine sand paper may to the trick . you could try this on spot that is not usually seen and see how well it sticks. deglossing with a liquid stipper will not help on this stuff because I dont believe it has a polyeurothane finish. just a good method of roughing up the surface to allow the paint a good surface to stick to. hope this helps. have you asked ikea? LJ

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      I wanted to do something very similar with a couple of pieces myself- I haven’t tried it yet but here is a link of a site that gives instructions on “HOW-TO”.

      Good luck

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