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      Help just when the weather has gotten hottest my ice maker has quit. Have been working long hours with much to do on my only day off! I know the first thing I should do is pull out the fridge an see if water is going through (somehow figure that out) But if it is what do I check nect and how do I check? I am a single old gal and will try to tackle things on my own to save $$. The little thingy that moves the ice out does move but I haven’t see it make a complete cycle as if it were pushing the ice through. My son in law could probably look at it but the grandkids are all in sports and bless his heart last week he worked on my central air to get it going and I hate to bother him. Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to give me. Sometimes I feel like I am just a few steps away from the nut house! LOL!

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      first check the simple thing. they either have an on/off switch and manual bin full bail.

      the bail is a wire or metal arm that detects when the bin if full of ice. On some models to turn off the ice maker you lift the bail up until it clicks.

      It is possible that it or the switch was accidently hit.

      but there are many different types and models of icemakers. If this does not help you need to give the make and model number.

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