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      i would like to know the history of sulfer

      the importance of the element

      the description or it

      and similaries and differnces with other elements on the group

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      good for you, wanting to learn. have at it.

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      it is found on jupitars moon and in the gulf of mexico,near volcamos

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      Bill Kearney

      I’ve been taking a pure form of MSM and have been having wonderful results with it for most of my health issues.My question is ,Why am I allergic to sulfates and sulfites but have not had any negative reaction reaction taking up to 10,000 mg of msm daily ? I’m having a difficult time understanding

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      hi my name is Rose April, im in grade 9 since and doing a project on the element sulfer i need to find information about the history of sulfer, where it was first found/created, the first time it was used, what it is used for, it’s atomic number, atomic symbol and it’s atomic weight, it’s electron configuration, and it’s sources and properties…Thanx, Rose April

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      I am in 10th grade and am doing a report on sulfer. i need to know who discovered it, where it was discovered, the discover date, the atomic #, symbol and mass. Also if it is a gas, liquid, solid or synthetic.

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