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      In an effort to clean the Armstrong concept A/C unit I used a pressure washer ..big mistake..they are now FLAT and I mean flat. Any idea the cost of replacing the fins? It is a model # SB24SA-49.

      Thanks for any advice


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      Go to a HVAC shop and get a fin comb. Measure how many fins per inch you have, and buy one with the same #. You should be able (hopefully) to correct this.

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      It would cost about $40,000 to replace the fins, as they would have to be custom wound by hand after the old were removed.

      You could have the coil part of the outdoor unit replaced. However, it would be better to just replace the outside unit as you have to tear it apart and gamble on the repair not causing other problems.

      Who told you to use the pressure washer? It wasn’t from here. heat/cool right-sizing

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