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      Moderator Doug in Orlando just checked in by phone. Like many in the path of Charley, he is without power for an undetermined amount of time. He is making good use of the chainsaw, on all the downed trees; and without power is watching his freezer thaw. Generators went from $600 to over $2000 overnight, so that was not an option. Everyone is looking for ice, charcoal or propane and just digging out. The older, well built housing has held up well, but lots of trees are down cutting power and tying up roadways.

      Doug reports the eye came overhead and the stars came out before the backside hit. Doug is an aerial photographer and reports heavy damage at the airport. Lots to take pictures of if you can get off the ground. Unfortunately, most planes that are still intact are grounded until they can be checked out.

      My guess is there is going to be plenty of work for the DIY home repair contingent in Florida for a while. Those of you with projects requiring plywood, better get it now rather than later. I am looking for a big price increase. My thanks to Doug for checking in and letting us know what is going on. Folks there have seen little news due to loss of power, so I was able to report back what we had been seeing on TV.

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      Glad to hear the good news. Isn’t Greg down there too?

      I’ve got a generator Doug can use…lol.That’s a shame about the prices.

      Hope he is up and running soon.

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      Some have better luck next time around,
      some don’t, and some don’t even try.

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