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      I am trying to remove some very old window film from
      several windows. I have tried hot soapy water with
      ammonia, acetone, and “Goo Gone”. I then scrape
      with a razor blade. These all make it a little easier,
      but it still takes hours for each window. Does
      anyone know of a more powerful chemical or method
      to use???

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      Bruce M

      Hi Gina:
      What is often the culprit are impurities in the water or cleaner.
      A very simple test is to buy some distilled water, add a cap of ammonia per quart, spray on the glass with a new bottle sprayer and clean with a new (same day) piece of newspaper. I’ll bet your film will go away. 🙂

      Best wishes

      Bruce M

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      Wilmar Ortiz


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