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      We were renovating our home, and it’s almost concluded except for a few details. We are currently living in a rented space nearby our home, hence are anxiously expecting to move into our new home. But all the junk from renovation has piled up in and around the house. There is debris including plywoods, concrete, lying here and there. We had requested our construction workers to clean the area after the work to which they agreed. But they have moved the entire scrap, to a load outside the house. We had no idea how to get rid of all the materials, that is when our friends suggested contacting disposal bin services in Toronto. To our relief, they do take trash from renovation activities, we had no idea!! We were wondering how it works. I heard that we have to rent a disposal bin from there, but do we have to load it ourselves? Will they be sending workers to load? What could be the typical size of bin that we should rent to have all our materials carried off? Has anyone used disposal services to clear off their renovation junk? What were the problems you were facing? Please pass us your expertise. Thank you.

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      James Watson

      Drop Off Your Waste
      You’ll need to get your renovation waste to a dump or landfill if some of your items can’t be reused or donated. You can do this, and save money, by taking your renovation waste to your local landfill or dump with your own truck or a trailer.

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